Dr. Andrew Johnson Reviews

“I met with Dr. Johnson to discuss options for some extensive dental work. He was easy to talk with and laid out my options very clearly and in a way that was easily understood.”  – Mark G.

“I know it sounds strange, but if you can call a dental visit nice, my visit was. Dr. Johnson worked overtime making sure everything was satisfactory. The procedure did not hurt at all and didn’t hurt the next day. I know I received the highest quality procedure possible. Everyone on the staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional. My daughter and her husband, both dentists who live in Arizona, have always said if they need an implant or a crown, they would fly to see Dr. Johnson.” – Bobby M.

“I’ve gone through the last few years of my adult life with horrible teeth and no self-esteem. I went to multiple dentists but never felt comfortable with the plans they offered to remedy my dental problems. Dr. Johnson offered me many different options and spent an enormous amount of time with me making sure I understood each step of the treatment. For the first time in a long time I’m smiling again and feel better than I ever have. Thanks Dr. Johnson for your great work!” – Leah R.

“When we have difficult dental problems, we need a truly competent person to help us with them. We are so pleased to have found such a person in Dr. Andrew Johnson. We would definitely recommend this specialist to our relatives and friends. Dr. Johnson seems like an old friend already; we have confidence in his ability and interest in determining the best plan for us.” – Lonnie Q.

“Dr. Drew took great care of me. I have had extensive work done and I never have any worries because he is incredibly forthcoming with information and approaches and is happy to answer any questions I have.” – Rix W.

“I have been seeing Dr. Johnson for a complete mouth reconstruction. This office treats you like family. They are kind, friendly and ready to help. Dr. Johnson is the best! I cannot believe how great my mouth has turned out.” – James A.

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Dr. Scotty Bolding Reviews

“Amazing dentist with great personality. Enough confidence and experience to handle my crazy dental situation that so many other dentists have tried (and failed) to fix. I highly recommend him!” – Mary, Fayetteville, AR

“I have taken 3 of my kids here to have extractions; 2 had oral surgery and I was very happy with the care they received! The surgeon called each evening to ask how they were doing and asked if I had any questions and to reassure me to not hesitate to call his cell phone if I needed him! Their staff is always friendly, helpful & they give good patient care!” – Angela C.

“I love Dr. Bolding. I had my wisdom teeth removed and they were very thorough in informing me about the procedure and very patient with my anxiety.  I had zero problems after the surgery and everything healed very quickly. Thank you, Dr. Bolding!” – Emily F.

“The staff was amazing.  The surgery went well, and I have never felt better. I would highly recommend this facility they do an incredible job, with the utmost care for their patients.” – Trevor C.

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